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Our Therapists
Dr. Molly Grimes currently works with two wonderful clinicians in her practice. Learn more about them below.

E Gueron (they/them)

E received their license in social work from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. E has experience working with adults, elderly folks, teenagers, and children and has experience with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, complex trauma, relationship struggles, and family issues. In addition, they have a background in speech-language pathology. E is passionate about helping people reach their goals and fullest potential. To do this, they draw from psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral therapies. E is also queer-friendly and informed! To learn more about E's work, please reach out to them here.

Menemsha Milnor (she/her)

Menemsha also received her degree in social work from Silberman School of Social Work! She is a licensed social worker and psychotherapist with a master's degree in political theory. Prior to becoming a therapist, she worked as a preschool teacher in Brooklyn, New York. She recently enrolled at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, where she is receiving training in psychoanalysis. Her current clinical interests include trauma and the nervous system, domestic violence, gender and sexuality, nontraditional partnerships, neurodivergence, communication, and self-esteem. To learn more about Menemsha's work, please reach out to her here.

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